Friday, June 22, 2007

. . . back in the Real World

As I have been over thinking my potential responses for an atheist verbal attack, I forgot that all atheists are not necessarily antagonistic ,but just folks with no reason to believe. My job isn't to argue, but to defend if need be, as well as in all things show love for others . . .to be Christ for them, not just talk about Him.

Yesterday, one of my customers told me about a hellish few weeks he has been going through, since finding out his wife was having an affair, and with a married, with kids, Deacon from her Evangelical church. I let him talk for a lot longer than my average sales call, with one thing he said haunting me the rest of the day:

"I am an atheist, but I have more morals than either of them have shown"

My only response was "I am sorry", as nothing else could be said at this point. I am sure I could have said all kinds of great lines or quotes, but I think I best said what I think our precious Savior would have said "I am sorry".

"They will know us by our love, and judge us by our lack of"

Simple, but true, and a mantra many of us (especially, yer monkster) should remember. We really are "the only Jesus someone might meet" "the only Bible someone might read", and we are called to truly be Christ for this broken world, not just Christians.

Anyhow, after I let my friend vent (yes, most of my customers are also my friends, and all are my brothers and/or sisters), I asked him

"I hope you don't mind, but I'll be praying for ya"

"thank you Michael, I know you really mean it"

That was one of the nicest things this silly wannabe monk has heard in a long time, so with that, I ask all of you out there to join me in prayer for my friend, and for us, that we go forth and "be" the healing hands and feet for our Saviour, and for our family, in this hurting world.

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JV said...

I'm putting him in my breviary.