Thursday, June 21, 2007

How Would Jesus Drive?

A friend sent me this article from EWTN, as she is aware I no longer drive as conservatively as I once did . . .except for maybe areas where I know those darn speed cameras are (O:

(here is an old post where I confess this recent sinfulness)

It seems the Vatican has issued a statement on aggressive driving, which
I am guessing came about because someone tried to cross the street in Rome (they drive almost as bad as DC!).

"Guidelines for Pastoral Care of the Road"actually deals with more issues than CNN and other news sources would have you believe. The official document also tackles how people of faith should help Street Children, the Homeless, and road side Prostitutes ('cause in case ya forgot, they're your brothers and sisters too).

My tip for others like myself who drive a lot, is to always have a cooler of water (some Gatorade in summer too) and food (Energy bars work great as they have a decent shelf life, and our family on the street can save them for later). I once gave a box of Powerbars to someone, and then later saw him distributing them to a few other of our homeless brothers.

Oh, yeah, and I guess I'll slow down too (O:


Athos said...

Oh, yeah, and I guess I'll slow down too

Good luck with that changing lanes on the Outer Loop headed toward Richmond, Monk!

But seriously, great comment re: your depression and your sister @ Dawn Patrol. Offer it up and Deo gratias!

Jason said...

Eh. I too have slowed down a lot. I will still cut someone off if they are on the cell phone just because they dont' even know im doing it. DC is always a fun place to drive.
guess the pope almost got run over if he waited this long to say something about the driving in Italy. I do love those Italian drivers. They really are the best. its the scooters that get in the way.

Musical Monk said...

of course I still constantly wonder if one of those tracking gizmo thingees is under my hood (O:

Scooters Rawk!