Monday, June 18, 2007

If I were a Rich mon'

On the very tail end of my sales territory is the lil' too overly friendly lil' city of Richmond, Virginia. On my long ride down, I can feel the multiple layers of DC pretentiousness slowly peel away, along with the stress of passionless customers who only care about "a deal".

In the Richmond area, even if the customers aren't interested in my moulding, they still just might take me to lunch . . .or at the very least, waste a half hour talking about the best fishing spots (no yer monk is far too anal retentive to do anything as dirty and smelly as go fishing).

Last week's trip afforded daily Mass at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, located downtown, right next to VCU. Although designed in the Italian Renaissance Revival style, the predominate use of green, with highlights of gold along with touches of red, made this monkster feel he had stepped into an Irish cathedral (granted, I have never actually seen an Irish cathedral). The Bronze relief Stations of the Cross were some of the most beautiful I had ever seen, as striking as any I had seen in my visits to Italia.

There was only about a 7 or 8 other folks at this Mass, which is a something that I admit makes me a little sad. We eat everyday, we sleep everyday, and heck, some of us even go to the gym everyday . . .but neglect this more important, and more beneficial daily exercise. I wonder how much different we would be, and how much different the world would be, if the faithful attended daily Mass. I also have noticed, as a sometimes reluctant single (singular) person, that I rarely see couples at daily Mass; yet I can think of no better way to grow in the love than a daily visit to the Source of true Love.

as I've now run out of quarters, I will get off my high horse, (O:

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