Sunday, June 24, 2007

a lil' slice of Evan

Reporter : What makes you so sure God chose you?
Evan : He chose all of us
The above, are a couple of my favorite lines in "Evan Almighty", a wonderful film which opened in theaters on Friday. You all have by now, seen the ads and know the story, so I won't attempt any sort of review.

Besides the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed it, I will just mention two other things that might get ya to go see it. First, I took my awesome rocker niece to see it, who also loved it, but more importantly for me, there wasn't one time in the whole movie where the Hollywood tendency towards the easy vulgar, reared it's ugly highly styled head (heck, even the Americanizing of Wallace & Gromit had a couple offensive bits). Nope it was just a charming film, with me only concerned over why God hasn't had His teeth fixed.

The other point is that my buddy Jason, had also wrote to say "Yes, Evan Almighty was great, very funny". This is important because while we are both very devout Christians, our usual choices of entertainment are vastly different. While my bud is apt to be found watching "Nip/Tuck" or "The Sopranos", I am more likely to be caught watching HGTV or "Jimmy Neutron"(also written by Evan's screenwriter Steve Oederkerk). Once, when we were roommates, he found great delight in mocking my choice of "West Side Story"(heh, it was with a date), with him singin' "Maria" in the next room, before going to kill terrorists in his latest Xbox game. While I like music that rawks!, his music RAAAAWKS!

I hope the fact that my friend and I, as well as my 14 year old niece Largo, all liked this delightful popcorn flick, helps to demonstrate that it' has a slightly broader appeal than the silly critics would have you believe. These critics are, after all, the same folks who worship the feet of Tarantino and Scorcese, but thought "The Passion" had too much gratuitous violence.

See ya at the movies . . .well not really, 'cause it's usually kinda dark

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Anonymous said...

ill put in for donna too. she loved it as well. I liked the animals in it. of course steve carell is just hillarious. also from the office.