Saturday, June 16, 2007

God of Wonders - Third Day / Caedmon's Call / Leigh Nash

This weekend vid is just a "wonder" filled reminder of the beauty God has placed us in the middle of . . .regardless of the mess we've made it.

I don't think I have ever heard this song without being drawn to my knees, hands raised up, with only the words "Thank You" and "I love You" coming forth from my lips

so on my knees I say:
"Thank You God, I do love You!,
maybe not well, but as best as I can today"


JV said...

This is a nice song. I've heard it before, performed by someone else. You know, a praise and worship style band is something I'd really like to be a part of, playing bass or guitar, or whatever.

The trouble I find is a lot of tradition minded Catholics are really snobbish when it comes to this kind of music. Many of them are classically trained, and it doesn't suit their taste, or they (irrationally) presume that praising God with guitars is a protestant or a liberal-hippy aberration of "true worship".

I don't want to play guitar in Mass (I did play mandolin for a time at my local parish). But why can't we get those who are interested, down in the parish hall some night for songs?

Musical Monk said...

The weird thing is, I have never liked classical music, but also never want the Mass to be too contemporary either.
The fact I don't prefer the music is a reminder to me that I am at Mass for God, not myself.
Too many times at my old church I heard people commenting on the music more than the sermon.

I do like the idea of a worship concert, separate from Mass.

Athos said...

Check out what happens when the seminarian "gets cute" with the music in this video, Monk:

Musical Monk said...

Deacon Payne Rules!!!
But I must admit, that if he became a Priest, I think I would skip confession at his parish (O: