Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Reformed now Restored?

While checking out a Bible Study friend's latest cartoon over at comicgenesis, I was shocked by a pop up ad from our favorite cultists, the Mormons. Their new campaign is entitled "Truth Restored", and boldly builds on their erroneous claim that somehow the "keys" to the kingdom were taken away after the original apostles had died.

The site the ad links to is rather well done, and builds it's heresies slowly with each page, starting with very simple, almost Christian proclamations of God's love. Each page also offers you a little video, each done in a very P.C. way, by a person of a different race or gender, each touching on elements of the Truth, as they simultaneously deconstructed it to fit Joseph Smith's fantasy.Anyhow, I don't think it's really very safe for us to just go about our way, thinking the LDS folks are just those wacky Donnie and Marie watching polygamists from Utah anymore, as they, along with the Muslims, are the among the fastest growing churches in the world. They are far better, and more diligent, about sharing their faith, than the most Christians, with American Catholics often among the worst at "giving a reason for our hope".

I make that last statement not to offend, but to raise the call that John Paul the Great had started, as he spoke of this current time as one of a new Evangelism, starting with the Ecumenical mending of bridges with our Christian brothers and sisters.

The really great thing that we can take from the Mormon/Muslim/New age whatever successes, is that it demonstrates that people really are so hungry for God, and so thirsty for Truth, that they'll take counterfeits. So, since we got the "real thing baby", let's go out share it!


Aramis said...

Hungry? Thirsty? You bet! Well relief is on the way from none other than Pope B16 and Amy Welborn. Apostles and STUDY GUIDE only a month or 2 away.

So Monk, after Athos' great novel you can take on Violence Unveiled and then you will be ready to take on Apostles. Looks like we got your summer study times taken care of.

Musical Monk said...

As long as there is time for Harry (sad, I know).
I am looking forward to Apostles, and as much as I loved JPII, I find B16 easier to read.