Friday, June 15, 2007

Christ vs. Christian

Paul Cat has an interesting little video showing people's opinions of Christ, versus their opinions of Christians. I personally would also like to see Christian vs. Catholic, as I fear there might be some even more disturbing revelations in the average Joe or Josephine's misconceptions of the Church and it's Roman flock.

Living in DC, and seeing first hand the lack of intelligence among most folks in the media, as well as a general lack of integrity or work ethic, I lay the blame for these misconceptions at their feet, more than I do at the sometimes dirty feet, of those who bring the Good News. It also helps me to see that Jesus ALWAYS keeps His promises
"Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death,
and you will be hated by all nations because of Me."
Matthew 24:9


Athos said...

Monk, my family of origin had kudo difficulties w/my conversion. But I knew they would have to come to terms with my reason (or one of the most important ones) for converting to the Catholic Church: because I love Jesus.

I wanted to welcome Him not only "into my heart" as my Lord and Savior in good evangelical fashion, but also as He commanded in John 6. I wanted to welcome Him into my "tummy" and heart -- His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity.

They may not "get" the Sacraments, but they sure get loving Jesus.

And these days, as Gil Bailie says, we need to "protect one another's (Christian) wells." I think this is why many evangelicals are starting to look to the Holy Father: they sense we need a unity to be able to confront-in-love our secularist and terrorist advesaries. Cheers!

Musical Monk said...

I am finding two of the keys to unity are 1) for Protestants to be a little open minded, like Catholics , and 2) for Catholics to be a little more opened mouthed, like Protestants.

Yes, my father forced my lil' sister to give back a Rosary I had given her for Christmas. That was my first glimpse at how big a deal my conversion was.

Athos said...

You might enjoy checking out my nephew's blog. He's a church musician at a 'megachurch' in Redwood, CA -- great young man, Matt Nightingale:

Musical Monk said...

I often wonder how long before others, like us, see that a "megachurch" is just our poor substitute for thee mega Church (O:

I wrote my first attempt at satire on das mega-churchs."Idolatrous Rex"

will check out site once caffeine kicks in (O: