Sunday, June 17, 2007

Monk +No +More?

Correct me if I am wrong (heck, half the time time I get corrected when I am right), but Monk's generally don't go on dates?

Well anyway, after some thought and prayer, yer monkster decided, that while I am still discerning my true vocation, it might be O.K. to have dinner with someone of the opposite sex, whom I think is rather nice and quite pretty. Part of my decision was based on the fact that I was royally destroyed last year by a rather sweet, although thoroughly mad as a hatter, young woman; and that I might be making my choice (of the religious life) partly from the possibility that "all" women, are in fact, mad as hatters (yes J', we have secretly agreed on this bit of universal male truth).

Worse, although last year's folly was rather devastating, I find I still very much miss the red headed object of said folly. I have also become increasingly aware that I long to have someone with me at Mass, at Adoration, to pray the Rosary with . . . .someone to share all of this with (and my imaginary friend Bob is still a devout Calvinist
. . .well, a little more like Calvin and Hobbsist).

So, the other day, I surprised a rather talented artist I know, by asking her if she would like to have dinner one night, and after she replied that she likes to have dinner every night, I mentioned more specifically, if there might be a chance she would like to share one of those particular evening meal times with me. . . .and that heck, I'd even buy!?!

"YES" was the answer, and "yes" loyal readers, I'm even more shocked than you.

Anyway, this doesn't change anything yet, as part of discerning is,well, um, discerning, so that's what I'm doing, and now I ask all of you to please say a prayer for me, that I will know His will for my life, and continue to live in the love He has given us.


Athos said...

You are sounding more and more like D'Artagnan all the time, Rose. Methinks having a cosy dinner with yon fair lady sounds like a heckuva fine idea, young knight!

Ah, the joys of "being out there" again ... I'm sure Fair Damsel Eden will also be eager to hear about all this. Cheers!

Musical Monk said...

By thy usage of thee old language, me thinks yee wishith me to take thy fine lass to thee olde Medieval Times restaurant? (O: